Mobile PBX API

What is it?

Middleware to quickly develop and scale unified communication apps. Our API is a layer of middleware that abstracts your mobile carrier's Cisco BroadWorks-based hosted AND mobile PBX functions and services. BroadWorks is a carrier-grade unified communication software platform, optimized for performance and scale. BroadWorks is hosted by service providers to deploy cloud calling from a common network platform over any type of wired or wireless network architecture.

Available for



Auto-provision services.

A thenth of the time, at a tenth of the cost!  The Mobile PBX API abstracts multiple layers of complex rules and functions required to successfully provision new hosted and mobile PBX services. The API allows your app to provision new services from a single point of reference - specifically the new user's mobile MSISDN. Once your app is able to establish and verify the MSISDN, our API will seamlessly provision the new service with just one POST request from your service. The POST request is then extrapolated into an array of sequenced requests which are sent to your mobile operator partner to complete the provisioning. The new user will have a fully functional PBX service terminating on their mobile device. No technical support or engineers required.


Originate, manage calls.

Originate and control calls from your app.  Our API allows your app to originate and control calls via your carrier partner's BroadWorks instance. Your customers will be able to effortlessly transfer calls to any extension in their group, as well as create and manage conference calls.



Change user settings.

Allow your app users to change settings!   The Mobile PBX API will give your app users the flexibility to instantly change user settings without requiring help desk or engineering support. These settings include:

  • Do Not Disturb
  • Call Forwarding Always
  • Call Forwarding No Answer
  • Call Forwarding Busy
  • Call Forwarding Not Reachable
  • Transfer Recall
  • Call Waiting
  • Mobile MSISDN as CLID

Cash Flow

Timely call usage data.

Accurate call usage data timed with your invoicing cycles.  Our middleware deciphers call detail records (CDRs) that document the details of a telephone call for reporting and cost allocation purposes. Mobile PBX calls are very complex and often consist of multiple lines for a single call. Our middleware extracts calls from the carrier's detailed rated event feed and converts all calls to a single line using complex event specifications. The call usage reports provide summary line items by network type and for each corporate customer in your enterprise instance. Detailed call records are also provided to respond to cost verification requests.


This API is: