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What is it?

Stay connected to your office communication system, regardless of physical location. Mobile PBX, also known as Mobile Private Branch Exchange, is a telecommunication system that enables businesses and individuals to manage their phone communications through a mobile device or smartphone. It is an extension of the traditional PBX system, which stands for Private Branch Exchange, commonly used in office settings.

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Call quality is job #1.

Dedicated circuit for calls.  Our last mile is over the most reliable mobile voice networks, and not their congested commodity data networks. Calls over 2G/3G use traditional circuit switch networks and do not break out onto the mobie IP network. The same applies to calls over latest generation VoLTE networks. VoLTE calls are separated and protected from congested commdoity IP traffic.



Extension Dialing.

All extensions at your fingertips!   Employees can call each other using extension numbers, just like they would within a traditional office-based PBX system.


Dealer Productivity.

We work behind the scenes to help our channel partner succeed!   Our offerings are geared toward our channels partners. We let you work harder servicing your customers, while you leave us to take care of the services. Our offerings include:

  • Mobile PBX API: Middleware to quickly develop and scale unified communication apps.
  • Mobile PBX Drive: Intrabranch cloud storage for the Mobile PBX user.
  • Mobile PBX Collaborator: More than a receptionist console, designed to help receptionists efficiently handle incoming calls and manage communications within an organization.


This API is: